I have experience similar "flakiness" using sessions but in every case
discovered that it was my code that was at fault.  In fact this happened to
me recently while I was programming a fairly complex login script.  I'd do
print_r($_SESSION) at the top of every page after session_start();  See if
you can pinpoint where the you're losing the data.

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Subject: [PHP] Session wierdness

> Is it possible to use PHP sessions reliably?
> I get very inconsistent results.
> I register session vars after a password check.
> I use session_start at the top of every file.
> I watch the /tmp directory for session files.
> Within a few random page transitions the session data inside the
> variables gets emptied. (for instance,
>  no longer returns the registered variable userid).
> The session file is still there, but the value reported by session_id() is
> different than the sessionid portion of any session filename.  At this
> session_destroy doesn't delete the session file either, so apparently it
> doesn't know which session it is really in.
> I've bought two books (Wrox and Vis Quickpro) and neither of these books
> addresses possible session flakiness.
> So, is it my flaky code, IE's cookie hijinks or maybe that PHP is not
> ready to do robust session management?
> BTW: I am using PHP ver 4.0.6 (patched for file upload bug) on
> Linux/Apache/MySQL
> Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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