I have a nice formatted PC & Linux Redhat 7.2 that I got at a local
retail store for $60.
All I want this PC to do is be a PHP/MySQL server and also be a FTP
I've seen various complicated (complicated cause i'm new to linux)
detailed instructions to installed php/mysql/apache .... but I don't
need any of those because Linux RedHat comes with all of these, right? 

Anywho, I'm looking for some easy instructions as how to set all this
up without having to download all this crap from various websites and
edit all sorts of different files etc...   - Can this be done?  Or am I
definately going to have to edit some files and download some crap?  
I was hoping that Linux Redhat 7.2 would come all setup and ready right
out of the box with apache/php/mysql ... but maybe not?
Thanks for you help!!  I promise to stop flooding this list with my
crap very soon!

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