Got it!  'file_uploads'  was Off in /etc/php.ini.  That was stopping all
form variables from being passed from the file upload form

Thanks all!


"Anthony 'Crash' Ciarochi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
024e01c21711$111d2200$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:024e01c21711$111d2200$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> I have a web page which contains a form whose action is a php script.
> Unfortunately, NONE of the form's variables are being passed when the form
> is submitted.
> For example: the submit button's name is 'submit', and the value is 'Add',
> but in the receiving php script, $submit is empty, and so is
> $HTTP_POST_VARS["submit']
> register_globals is On
> The form method is post.
> What else am I missing?

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