No. Once you show the user the image, they can get it. You can make it
harder by disabling right click or whatever, but it's not going to stop
most people. The easiest way around all of that is to just click on the
image and drag it to the address bar. It gets around almost all of the
javascript nonsense. And if all else fails, a screen shot will work.

If you read the archives over the past day, there are ways of regulating
who can view the image, though, through a .php script regulating the
file transfer. 

Or, if you're simply looking for a way to stop people from hotlinking to
the picture, there are ways to handle that in .htacess and PHP. 

---John Holmes...

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> Is there a way to disable the users ability to download images on
> pages. Or is this a Javascript capability?
> ~Steph
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