The only ways would be:

1. dynamically add the water mark to the actual image (change the pixels) so
that the source file has a watermark.

2. add a css layer on top of the image that contains a watermark

Which brings me to the question, why don't you just add a watermark to each
image?  If a css layer or anything esle that DOESN'T change the source file
was employed, it would only act as a very mild deterent.

Why not just set-up an action script (macro) in Photoshop to batch process
all the images with a watermark... end of story.

Justin French

on 19/06/02 2:22 PM, Peter ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> howdy ....
> does any one know if it's possible to assign a dynamic watermark to am image
> or place a watermark effect over a images so it looks like it's on the file
> when it's not really?...with out going into layers hopefully ... for
> example...
> a user up loads a simple image to the site say in jpg format
> when the image is displayed on any page a watermark is disply over part of
> the image .. to try and bluff other people into thinking the watermark is
> part of the image...
> Cheers
> Peter
> "the only dumb question is the one that wasn't asked"

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