Concise is also good ;)

*gives Erik a noogie*

Erik wrote: 
> I was going to stay out of the thread, because people have 
> ways of doing 
> it that they are set in, but this is really the crux of it -- 
> allow me 
> to extrapolate on what Dan said.  Please realize that these 
> aren't "fire 
> and forget" emails.  They are stored, mirrored, archived.  Somewhere, 
> some site (such as is volunteering their 
> resources to 
> make sure that this information isn't all lost.  But if 
> people quote the 
> entire email because they're too lazy to snip, then that's a lot of 
> unnecessary extra data which has to be stored with it.
> If it's relevant to this particular atomic post, include 
> needed quoted 
> data.  It will help bring context to the conversation, for 
> newcomers or 
> people like me who are subscribed to too many lists to keep track of 
> threads in our heads.  But don't just include the whole email 
> and post 
> at the top of it, unless it's really short.  These huge threads get 
> longer and longer with each iteration of the conversation, 
> like a memory 
> leak.  There's not built-in garbage collector for a mailing list, so 
> it's up to subscribers to keep the noise down.
> Some people, especially in business, like to slap their 
> comments on top 
> of a previous email.  This helps in certain situations where 
> there is no 
> centralized mailing list, and isn't really that big a deal since it's 
> not being sent out to thousands of people or publicly archived.  In 
> fact, it's probably recommended.  But for mailing lists, really, just 
> quote what you need.
> Some good mail clients will let you do this very easily, by selecting 
> whatever text you feel is appropriate and then hitting 
> "Reply" and only 
> that text is included as quoted material in the reply.  You 
> can further 
> snip this down, as you should, in consideration of others.
> As a subscriber to a mailing list, you do have a 
> responsibility to keep 
> that mailing list from becoming overcongested.  It's like not 
> throwing a 
> paper cup or trash out the window when you're driving down 
> the highway.  
> What happens when someone needs to go to extra trouble to 
> maintain the 
> roads?  The taxes go up and tolls are charged.  If you want 
> to pay for 
> the privilege of using this resource (either via subscription fees or 
> via advertising, such as is found in Yahoo! groups mailing lists or 
> SourceForge lists), then go ahead and waste the bandwidth 
> with pages of 
> extra, unneeded, information.
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