On Thursday, June 20, 2002, at 02:29  PM, René Fournier wrote:

> The idea: In order for Joe User to update text on his web site, he 
> comes to my "Europa" web site, enters his company name, user ID, 
> password, and clicks Login, and--voilà--he sees a handsome list of 
> tables containing the text content of his site--which is pulled from a 
> MySQL database residing on HIS web site's web host.
> And this is the trick: Can PHP somehow fetch MySQL data over the 
> Internet? Is this possible? If so, is it necessary for me to resort to 
> new, unknown technologies like XML or SOAP, or can I do it with PHP 
> alone?

You don't need to use XML.  MySQL has no way of "knowing" whether 
someone is accessing it locally or remotely.  You have to specify a 
domain name or IP address for any client (PHP-based, command-line, or 
otherwise) that wishes to connect to it and use it, even if that means 

When you specify your database connection parameters, you enter an IP 
address or domain name for where the database is located.  This is 
normal.  The client then uses your web site interface ("Europa") to 
access their own MySQL database, they make the changes.  Now when 
someone goes to their web site (which also accesses their own MySQL 
database), they see the updated content.

The only thing to worry about is that since they're doing their own 
hosting of their own stuff, they could hire someone cheaper or learn how 
to do it themselves and drop their Europa subscription.  But I'm sure 
you've already considered that.



Erik Price
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Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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