On Thursday, June 20, 2002, at 02:41  PM, Chris Sechiatano wrote:

> Just a simple question about the HTTP_POST_VARS.  I know my forms will
> work
> if I use only the name of the input.  Say a text box called FirstName.
> I
> can just do:
> print "$FirstName";
> and everything works fine.  Why would I want to use
> print $HTTP_POST_VARS["FirstName"];
> instead?

Read the warning box at this page: 

The short version: in PHP 4.1.2 or later you need to either use $_POST, 
$_GET, etc unless you set register_global = on (it is "off" by default).

You don't really ever want to use $HTTP_POST_VARS, $HTTP_GET_VARS, etc 
unless you are using a version of PHP from before PHP 4.1.0.  In which 
case you might want to use it in combination with turning 
register_globals = off, to help yourself avoid making bad coding 

It's no substitute for good coding, but it can help.



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