hello Todd,

there is a directive where you can redirect errors to certain pages withhin
the htaccess file.

I do not remember the exact syntax, but it looked like...

ErrorDocument 401 /root/to/your/file.html

Please check the apache docs it this does not work.


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> Here is my question. It involves using PHP and apache's .htaccess files.
> What I basically want to know is, how do I redirect a bas user after a
> failed Authentication attempt.
> Example:
> One PHP script checks to see if $PHP_AUTH_USER is set and if not calls
> header( sprintf("WWW-authenticate: basic realm=\"%s\"", $g_auth_realm ));
> header( "HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized" );
> to get them to provide a username and password. Now, how to I check that
> against the .htaccess and .htpasswd files I have in a subdirectory below
> script.
> The way I have it working now is that I check to see if $PHP_AUTH_USER is
> set, and if it is, I send them to the page that is a directory down behind
> the .htaccess file. Working that way, if they are an invalid user, they
> prompted again, if they hit cancel, they get the 401 page. I want to give
> them a custom error message instead of the generic 401 page.
> Any ideas on how to avoid the 401 page?
> Thank you,
> Todd

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