> Is there any way to determine script's memory usage?

Depends on your web server. There is a way in apache. Rasmus answered this
same question for me a couple weeks ago, look through the archives. I saw an
option in IIS to put memory usage into the logs, that may work, too.

> What about execution time in ms (with breakpoints)?

Plenty of classes around that'll do basic timing, but not sure on the
breakpoint. shouldn't be that hard to implement, though. PEAR has a class to
do it, I think, or search phpclasses.org

> And is there way to measure MySQL query speed in ms?

Not really. I really wish there was a function to return query time, but
there isn't. Best you can do is take a timestamp before you issue the query
and one afterwards. That's not going to be the actual query time, but it'll
give you an idea. Best way to implement that is to make a wrapper for

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