For the first question: Will this work?
In class A, you wont get anything when you use $this->bar if the class
hasn't been instantiated.

besides that fact, you'll should get the output of:
if you call A::foo();

As for the second question: How many times A will be made
answer: zero time - you're not instantiating it anywhere

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my example

class A {
  var $bar = "bar";
  function set($data) {
    echo "settig:" .$data;

  function foo() {
    B::get($this->bar) ;

class B {
  function get($bar) {
    $bar = $bar . "+foo";

My question is. Will this work and how many time class A will
be made. one or 2 times. And is it possible to use properties
from class A in funstion set if i call it from class B, how
do i reference to it.

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