> Okay, let's say I want to send a user to a certain webpage...
 > usually I would use...
 > include("website.php");
 > but, if i want to send a user to a website along with a 
 > variable like...
 > $temp = "website.php?var=".$var;
 > include($temp);
 > ...this doesn't work.  

If you are just including the file in what's already loading then all
you need to do is make sure that $var is already set when you include
the file.  Including is logically the same as opening up the other file
and then doing a copy/paste into the current page.  It's exactly the
same as if the contents of your included file was in the file that's
doing the including.

If you are actually trying to load a new page and pass a variable to it
then you probably want to look at using header("Location:
website.php?var=$var"); instead.  This will actually load a whole new
page in the browser rather than just including an extra file in a page
that's already being loaded.

CYA, Dave

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