After posting this on the MySQL list and getting some feedback we were
able to determine that this was not a flaw with MySQL.  Any ideas from
the PHP community?


Can anyone tell me why this does not work?  I am using php and mysql.

When I do an insert from select into a mysql table I get an error
whenever a value from the select portion of the query contains an
apostrophe.  Before I insert the initial value I use the php
addslashes() function to escape the ' and " characters.

For example:

If clients table contans a field called fname and it has a value of
"O'Henry".  Remembering that I have used addslashes() before inserting
the value into mysql in the first place.

The following query will fail on insert:

Sql = "insert into orders (fname) SELECT fname from clients where
clientid = '$clientid'";

David McInnis

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