I've been using the following function successfully for months, tonight I
literally copied/pasted it to another page I was creating, called it exactly
the same using the same data type, and I'm getting an incorrect result. The
function is supposed to take a standard MySQL "CCYY-MM-DD" date format and
convert it to a "Month Day, CCYY" format. Here's the function code:

function cleandate($indate) {
        str_replace("-", "/", $indate);
        return date("F j, Y", strtotime($indate));

And I'm calling it with:

$newdate = cleandate($birthdate);

$birthdate is a MySQL DATE field and if I echo "$birthdate" I get
"2002-11-04", which is what is entered for that $birthdate record. However,
when I echo $newdate using the above code, I get "June 20, 2002" - today's

Now, again I'm using this code as-is successfully on another page. I don't
understand why it's returning today's date on this page, but returning the
correct date on another page.

This is the error that PHP is throwing regarding the above code:
[Thu Jun 20 23:16:38 2002] [error] PHP Warning:  strtotime() called with
empty time parameter in test.php on line 19

Line 19 is the 'return' line in the function. I do not get this error in my
successful application of this code.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

Jason Soza

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