I figured it was time to upgrade PHP anyway since I was using 4.1.2 and 
then there's that Apache security problem, so I upgraded that too.  And 
my sendmail problem is still present -- every time I try to call the 
"mail()" function, even with the simplest of arguments (the first three 
required arguments, all three of them simple string literals: 
mail('[EMAIL PROTECTED]', 'SubjectString', 'BodyText')), it fails.

No email is sent, the return value of the function, when cast to 
integer, is zero, and I have thoroughly tested that sendmail works just 
fine.  It is a RedHat 7.2 server, if that matters (though I don't think 
it does).  I have done all of my compiling as root, and 
/usr/sbin/sendmail was definitely in my PATH.

If I had any money, I would PAY for someone to explain to me what is 
going wrong.  Thank you in advance if you can help me.


Erik Price


Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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