Hi. I started with PHP and MySQL from scratch (not knowing serious
programming before) a couple of months ago with the books "PHP4 A
beginner's Guide" written by Bill McCarty (Osborne) and "PHP and MySQL
Web Development" written by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson (SAMS).

The first one, covers I think all there is to get you started with PHP
from zip (like me), but since you've been programming before, I would
suggest you to jump right into the second one, which contains a very2
well step-by-step guidance trough PHP (once again, specially if you are
a programmer), a well done explanation on RDBMs, making emphasis in
MySQL but what's great about this book, is that it makes explanations of
everything from easy to complex coding by using real life examples like
shopping carts, user authentication systems and a web-based e-mail
service among others.

One more thing... the second book comes with a CD containing all the
coding included in the book, but also a "soft" copy of the entire book
made in PDF, so you can fast search for any quick need.

Hope this helps you. I found them in www.amazon.com and got them in
Argentina in no time at all. Go there to see other books and choices
people have taken.


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> Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 6:00 PM
> Subject: [PHP] recommend any good learning books
> I am coming over from Perl life.  Does anyone recommend any good
> books on learning PHP?  I am looking for something similar too
> perl from Oreily.
> Thanks
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