Thanks for the help

Duncan Hill wrote:

> Use different variable names.  Or make your function return a value, and
> use assignment to handle it.

Finally I made the function to take the select name as an optional variable 
and used different names for the two. This helped me in other situations 
also. Thanks a lot.

"johannes reichardt" wrote:

> If not you´d have big trouble ;)

Huge !!! I would have to add 7 more lines in my file :-). 

> <form action=aösldkfj method=post onsubmit="return checkmystuf();">
> // this goes in the header
> <script>
> function checkmystuff() {
> document.forms.city_id.value.toUppercase(); //just a stupid example
> return true;
> }

I am just beginning to test the waters of web application development and not 
using JavaScript much so far. Thanks any way.

Best regards,


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