Sorry, i sent this to the list a few days ago, but i dont think it got 
there. heres my problem:

         Hi, i have this script that simply reads lines from a txt files 
and displays them on my site, itlists the first 4 entries of a txt file 
with the files that exist on a download page:

$l = $t - 1;
$fim = $l - 3;

if ($l > 3)
$fim=$l - 3;
else {
$fim = 0;
for ($i = $l; $i >= $fim ; $i--) {
         print("<div align=\"left\">");
         print("<span class=\"data\">$array[0]</span>");
         print("</div><img src=\"spacer.gif\" height=\"3\">");

         But from time to time, and with absolutely no visible reason, i 
get this error:

         Warning: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No address 
associated with hostname in /usr/home/pagon/www/index.php on line 497

Warning: file("downs.txt") - Bad file descriptor in 
/usr/home/pagon/www/index.php on line 497

         I tried everything, but i cant figure out why i get this error, 
the paths are ok (otherwise it wouldnt work in the first place) what could 
possibly cause it? The script is so small and simple, is there something 
wrong in it? But if it is, why does the error only appears randomly?
         I get this error on a different script on my site, also of the 
same type, reading a few lines from a txt file and displaying them.


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