Most questions like this depend more on your ability to think creatively 
than your experience with PHP, so don't let inexperience discourage you 
from exploring on your own.

First, decide what you consider to be "online" exactly. If I, for 
example, requested a page 30 seconds ago, you would probably consider me 
to be online, even though I could theoretically have closed my browser 
and gone to dinner since then.

If you're familiar with using a database, consider using the PHPSESSID 
(look into PHP sessions for more information on this) as a primary key 
in a table where the timestamp is kept and updated on each page request. 
To determine who is online, you could simply run a query on this table 
using your threshhold of idle time that you've determined to count as 

There are plenty of different ways to approach this, and my 
early-morning example is probably not the best. Hopefully it gives you 
an idea though of what you need to accomplish.


Pag wrote:

>     Is it possible to code in PHP a small indicator on a site saying 
> how many people are viewing that page at the moment?

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