Thanks for your ASAP response,
Have you ever touch with oracle scripting ?
The manual doesn't show how we can execute kind of oracle store procedure ..

I thought that PHP only supporting for SQL - query only but not supported to
retrieve PL-SQL,
When I do the samething with Oracle developer in PHP environment so I have
to convert my PL-SQL which stored in Oracle DB to PHP script. In my mind it
shows that PHP only use Oracle just only 'data storage', could not retrieve
many additional features of oracle itself.


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procedure, package)

> have a look here ... this would be a good starting point...
> I am sure this would be available in many other languages apart from just
english :)
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> From: èdy kurniawan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> procedure, package)
> very thanksful if you could refering to me what part (kinda) manual that
> shows my case ?
> i've ever read the PHP manual in english, but i can't find what i need.
> please..
> sincerely,
> edyk

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