Phil Schwarzmann wrote:

> I want to round a number to the nearest decimal place...
> if the number is 4.623, I want it to display 4.6
> if the number is 2.36, I want it to display 2.7
> Is there a function that does this?  round(), ceil(), floor() don't do
> this and I've checked through all the math functions in my handy-dandy
> "PHP Functions" reference book.
> Thanks for your help!!!
> Or......if it's too hard to do that, I could just use a function that
> chops off the end of some decimals, like...
> if the number is 2.343234, I want just 2.3
> or if the number is 2.545434534534534534, I want just 2.5
> Thanks!!!!!!

As I understand it, you just want to truncate the number, without

I think you are right, there isn't a function to do it for you but the
following code should do it:

intval(4.623 * 10)/10

or more generally:

function truncate_number($mynumber,$places) {

return intval($mynumber * pow(10,$places))/pow(10,$places);

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