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> On Monday, June 24, 2002, at 12:15  PM, Johnson, Kirk wrote:
> > When you echo out an array element, the name needs to be enclosed in
> > curlies, e.g.,
> >
> > echo {$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}
> I think that this is only important when using an associative array 
> element reference within certain kinds of quotes.  Like this:
> // this won't work b/c of quoting issues
> echo "This script is called $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]";
> // this should work fine IIRC
> echo "This script is called $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']";

Nope.  Quoted array indexes don't work inside strings.

> // this should also work if for some reason you needed
> // to use double quotes within the array element reference
> // (to interpolate a variable, for instance)
> echo "This script is called {$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]}";

Nope.  The {} don't change the quoting issues you mentioned in your first 
(non-working) example.

> // and this is the same thing really
> echo "This script is called ${_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]}";

... and fails for the same reason!

You can use:

   echo "This script is called {$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}";
   echo "This script is called ${_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}";
   echo "This script is called $_SERVER[PHP_SELF]";

or even 

   echo "This script is called " . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];



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