On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, at 09:31  AM, William S. wrote:

> I know I need to introduce: fread() and fseek().
> but not sure how to put it all together.

If you know for a fact that the ending tag for each file is consistent 
and always that same tag, here's an idea.  Determine or specify the 
length of the ending tag (in other words "</html>" would be a length of 
7 [characters]).  Now move your file pointer to (file's total 
characters - length) so that it is immediately before the ending tag.  
Append your data, then manually append the ending tag.

If you will deal with varying ending tags, then you'll have to come up 
with a creative method for capturing them and storing them, then 
dynamically determining their length and do the same thing, then append 
the ending tag (whatever it may be).  I would use regexes to do this 



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