> [snip]
> After further research I have found that the JAVA problem is
> so here is what I am left with:
> On a remote https server;
> 1. Access the login page with 3 pieces of information to be passed.
> Unfortunately this information cannot be passed via URL.
> 2. Activate login which creates a session id (JSP pages)
> 3. Retrieve list of files from a page to compare against files already
> downloaded (no problem here)
> 4. Retrieve files via download (zip format). I believe I can
> this
> with fopen or fsockopen.
> I hope to do this via a stand alone PHP executable called by a CRON on
> daily basis. Any ideas for passing the three variables to the login
> and
> activating the login?
> [/snip]
> More thoughts, could I pass the needed information in an HTTP header
> function call from the stand alone script? Where is John when you need
> him?
> :) That dad-gummed military takes up too much of his time! :)


I'm not sure how to do this at all. It's going to be complex because you
can't just pass variables through the URL and you have to maintain their
session. Depending on how they implement that is going to make it

All I can suggest is that you read up on the cURL section of the manual
and any other documents about it you can find. I think that's the best
option to start on a project like this...

---John Holmes...

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