Okay, so I changed my root password using this command....
C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysql mysql
mysql> DELETE FROM user WHERE Host='localhost' AND User='';
mysql> QUIT
C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin reload
C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root password my_password
Then I went into my dbconnect.inc file and edited it so it looks like

$mysql_link = mysql_connect('', 'root', 'my_password')
 or die ("Cannot connect to The Database.");
$db = 'test';
mysql_select_db ($db, $mysql_link)
 or die ("Could net set database '$db' as the active database.");
Now, whenever my script runs a MySQL command, I get this error....
Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: 'root@MY_PC'
(Using password: YES) in C:\...\dbconnect.inc on line 3
Cannot connect to The Database.
What am I doing wrong??????

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