I have trouble with my PHP4.2.1 running as SAPI module for Apache1.3.26
on W2K
Every request to .php produces:
"Warning: Failed opening '/path/to/script.php' for inclusion
(include_path='.;include/paths') in Unknown on line 0"
No matter if I use php4apache.dll & php4ts.dll distributed or self
If I set auto_prepend_file in php.ini to something (e.g.the same script
as requested one) it will execute prepended script correctly but the
main script produces the same:
"Warning: .............."

If I make the same with PHP4.2.1 running as SAPI module for Apache2.0.39
on W2K it causes no problem. I can use php4apache2.dll distributed or
self builded...

What I have to do if I need to use Apache1.3.26 with PHP? Anyone know?


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