I have a question about the PHP function file_exists():

This is taken from a textbook entitled "PHP Professional Projects" by
Wilfred, Gupta, Bhatnagar (Premier Press 2002 - ISBN1-931841-53-5) on page
261 under the chapter titled "Handling Files".

The authors write...

"Consider the following code to understand the file_exists() function.

if (!(file_exists("data.dat")))
  echo "The file exists";
  echo "The file does not exist.";

"In the above code, the existence of the file data.dat is being verified
with the help of the statement if (file_exists("data.dat")).

[End of quote]

What I don't understand is why the author(s) have put the negation symbol of


in the preceding code.

It would seem to follow that in plain English that the above code statement
would read as...

If the file data.dat does *not* exist  - then execute the following
condition which will print to the browser:
"The File exists."


Please advise.
Thank you.

Tony Ritter

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