On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, at 06:07  PM, Brad Melendy wrote:

> Well, I have traced this down to line 4 in the following code
> 'include("header.html");' which just includes my navigation bar.  If I
> comment it out, everything works great, if I leave it in, I get the 
> error
> Headers Already Sent.  The file it purely html.  What could be the 
> problem??
> Thanks in advance!

You want this script to redirect twice?  Or do you just want it to 
redirect the first time, but have the second header() function be called 
if the first one doesn't?  Then you should call exit() after the first 
header() function to keep the rest of the script from executing.

This is also generally a good practice after a header('Location: ') call 
because the user-agent doesn't HAVE to respect the header and redirect, 
so it protects your stuff.  Always feature an exit() with a header-based 



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