> On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, at 08:26  PM, Analysis & Solutions wrote:
> > I usually run PHP as CGI.  My secure files are kept in a directory
> > that's
> > not under the */docroot.  Thus, they can't be gotten to through the
> > server at all.  Plus, the secure files are chmoded 600 (which means
> > can be read/written only by the owner).  Thereby, the only user on
> > server who can read them is me.
> Tradeoff, huh?  If I understand it correctly, you can't keep the files
> outside the docroot if you're using mod_php b/c the web server itself
> what fetches the file (therefore it needs to be in the docroot).  But
> mod_php is faster than CGI PHP and can handle more simultaneous
> requests.  Right?

Yes you can. Apache can read any file it has access to. 


Works just as well as


Where /home/user/www is your web root.

---John Holmes...

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