I seem to be having an issue with an e-mail form that I have created for
registration purposes with the server-side being written in PHP!  I've
tested the e-mail form using numerous browsers and operating systems
including Microsoft, Netscape, Unix, and Linux!  Everytime I test the form,
it works just fine.  I have even had other individuals located in different
geographical locations register using my form and it works just fine.
However, I do receive totally blank forms from time to time and I have no
idea why.  Even the javascript that I have written to fill in fields
automatically such as a date field and a registration fee field are coming
back blank.  These are two fields that even the the user can't erase.

The form is hosted on a unix server and everytime I test it, it works just
fine.  I've tested the form on a IIS server and an apache server and it
works just fine.  I just can't figure out why I get back some blank
registration forms.  Maybe it has something to do with the user's side!

Any help or better direction for my message would be much appreciated!

Chris Hounsell


Chris Hounsell
"Memorial University Career Fair 2002" Co-ordinator
Co-operative Education Services Centre, B1015
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Telephone: (709) 737-4825
Fax: (709) 737-8960
Web: www.mun.ca/ccd/careerfair/

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