I would suggest posting the vars to a page, which will open up a new
javascript window, then .write("") the values into the javascript window
from the main page.

OpenWindow = window.open("", "newWindow", "height=400,
OpenWindow.document.write(<? echo $postvar; ?>)

"Phillip S. Baker" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Greetings All,
> Another question for today.
> I have a form.
> When the form is submitted I want to values passed to a pop-up window.
> I am aware of the need for Javascript for the pop-up window, but how do I
> get the values from the form passed to the new window so I can use them in
> further scripts.
> I can write the javascript to do the popup window and use the onSubmit
> command, but I cannot figure out how to pass the values with a regular
> submit button.
> Thanks
> Phillip

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