Well, since HTTP is stateless you can really say that this event happens
in either of two places:
- The next page accessed by the user with that session ID
- As an event in the backend.

If it's the first, I would recommend just having a lib_session that
verifies a timer or whatever and then redirects the page or whatever.

If it's something in the back-end, like a user accesses a page and you
need to do clean up 30 minutes after that user goes inactive, then I
recommend that is done in like a database stored procedure.

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 20:37, Joe Krause wrote:
> Is there anyway to have PHP execute a function or object method
> automatically when a session is expired? In JAVA, you can define an
> httpSessionBindingEvent which will notify an object when it is bound to or
> unbound from a session. This may be the result of a servlet programmer
> explicitly unbinding an attribute from a session, due to a session being
> invalidated, or due to a session timing out. I need this behavior in PHP.
> Joe Krause
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