Not so long ago (well last week), I wrote a PHP proxy script which worked in
the form:
and it would request the page and then display it
changing all the links on the page to point to my proxy script...

The whole script took a hour to write, and I eventually got it to do posts
and get, and to send all headers.... So using PHP is totally possible for
what job you want

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> Hi All,
> I'm about to put myself in the deep end by attempting to create an PHP app
> that will perform the role of a proxy server.  The application has to
> perform the following based on the URL that the web client will be
> requesting.
> URL Requested: https://servername/id0001/
> 'id0001' is a unique for each of my clients and they have a matching
> which points to their content.  Each client will have a different server
> that their content is hosted on.  I want the PHP app to read in that id
> number , perform a SQL query to obtain where their real server is,
> the content then display it back to the client.
> The app would have to deal with GET & POST as it would be working with
> dynamic content at the remote end.
> Is this even possible using PHP?  If anyone has had any experience
> developing this type of App before, please let me know how you went and/or
> provide any tips that you can :)
> Cheers
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