> Yes.  Since 4.1.x at least.  But for XSLT you need to get expat and 
> Sablotron and link them into the compile (with the appropriate 
> ./configure options).


Hum, I did spent some time yesterday on exactly that, but with no 
success (yet).

I'm using
    Linux RedHat 7.1.
    Expat 1.95.3
    Sablotron 0.95-1
    PHP 4.2.1

Compiling and installing Expat and Sablotron works fine (so it seems) 
but after that I get errors compiling PHP with XSLT options. Compiling 
without the XSLT options works just fine. These are the PHP options I use:


The last two are the ones that I have added to allow for XSLT

Am I missing something?


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