I am wondering why you would want to do this. If you get the sql 
statement to order the rows the way you need to use them then there 
should not be a need to refer back to earlier rows. I sometimes need to 
know if one field has the same value as in the previous record, so I 
keep its value in a simple variable so I know if, for example, it is for 
the same customer or not. I have never found it necessary to refer back 
an arbitary number of rows, so hence the question.

I wonder if you are trying to do too much in a single sql statement?



Jefferson Cowart wrote:

>Is there any way to return all the rows returned by a mysql query with
>one command. Currently I have to run through a for or while loop the
>same number of times as there are rows and take that row and copy it to
>an array. I end up with an array of arrays but it seems like it would be
>a common enough problem that the function would already exist. 

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