Hi there

I've got the following cenario. I got a general user page with a "Login"
button next to each user. This button only opens a new browser window by
setting the target in the form tag and submits the username, password,
button value, and a "newsess" flag to the login page in the new browser
window. The login page checks to see if the "newsess" flag is set. If it is,
it creates a new session id like this:
if ( isset( $newsess ) )
  session_id( uniqid( "mysess", false ) );
I can now test anywhere on this page what the session id is, and it gives me
the new one. The page now evaluates the values submitted to it and then log
the user in, if possible. After the login it registeres some session
variables and even creates the file containing the session variables (all is
fine in the file) and then directs the user to the index page for his user
type, like this:
header( "Location: ./c_index.php" );
But here is my problem now. On this page where it is directed to the session
id is not the new one, but still the old one, and thus does not allow the
user on this page.

What can I do to ensure that the new browser window uses the newly created
session id.

Any help is welcome


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