Hello all,
I'm  a newbie into PHP and am facing a funny problem.

I have a form with a textarea named address,
I am able to submit the form and enter the data into the database without any 
problem,but to make sure that it handles "bad" data too I tested it out with this 

When cheese gets it's picture taken, what does it say?

then "previewed" it and the output was, (note the slash )

When cheese gets it\'s picture taken, what does it say?

(even entered into the database without a problem)

so I further tested it with: (note the " instead of the ')

When cheese gets it"s picture taken, what does it say?

and the output was:
When cheese gets it\"s picture taken, what does it say?

but when I looked in the database it only showed
When cheese gets it\

any idea what the problem is? is it my fault or PHP's or MySql's?

sorry if its a bit confusing, if need be I can send you all the 3 files i'm using and 
the table structure, kindly help.

- Kim.

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