multipart/form-data is very VERY similar to mail with attachments. Maybe 
you could tweak a package/library/class which allows that in order to 
build the POST request and then simply send it using socket functions to 
the server you want to. I don't know, maybe this is too complicated and 
you could actually find a library which does directly what you want to, 
but since you wanted "any and all replies"... :-)

If you also control the script on the other side and don't expect it to 
also receive uploads from regular browsers, you can issue a simple POST 
request using a variable which would contain the file - in this case, 
you'll have to base64 encode on one side and decode on the other - but 
this is not regular behaviour and it's useless if you need browsers to 
be able to upload on the receiving page.


SpamSucks86 wrote:

>If I had a form on a page with <input type="file"> it would POST the
>file to the script. I want to have a PHP script read a file and then
>emulate that action to another script. Since the
>enctype="multipart/form-data" I'd think that I can't just use the normal
>POST method with CURL to do it. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks for
>any and all replies.

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