Hi Richard:

On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 02:36:59AM +0100, Richard Davey wrote:

> [details].......[/details]
> $message = preg_replace("'\[details\].*?'", "", $message);

You didn't state what you want to get out of this exercise.

To squash the detail tags and everything between them:
   $msg = preg_replace('/\[details][^[]*\[\/details]/', '', $msg);

To convert the [] delimiters to <> delimiters:
   $msg = preg_replace('/\[(\/)?details]/', "<\\1" . 'details>', $msg);

To drop everything outside the details:
   $msg = preg_replace('/.*(\[details][^[]*\[\/details]).*/', "\\1", $msg);



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