Is this a direct copy of what you've got? If so, line 11 shouldn't be there

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Subject: [PHP] How can I write in a loop??

Hi all,

would be very greatful if someone could hlp. Basically I want to
extract information from Mysql, and then write it to a file.

I can write state pieces of text, but having trouble with writing
when the information comes out in a while loop. This is what I hhave
so far:

$result=mysql_query("SELECT topicid  FROM $topicdb limit 50");

$file_name = "topics.html"; 
$file_pointer = fopen($file_name, "w"); 

        while ($r = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
         $the_text = "$topicid<br>";    
         fwrite($file_pointer, $the_text);
print "data written to file successfuly";

but that doesn't seem to work, it only writes the first time, and
doesn't add the rest of the loops. anyone help please?


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