On Friday 28 June 2002 09:00, Norihisa Washitake wrote:
> Hi all,
> PHP is usually thought to be faster than perl, but sometimes PHP
> runs slower than perl in some cases.

Depends on what you use PHP and Perl for. I tend to use PHP for websites and 
Perl for system admin tasks.

> Belows is the example program in both PHP and Perl languages.
> This solves "x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 32" and shows an array of (x, y, z)
> candidates.  This program runs 1000 times for timekeeping.


> Hey, perl is much faster, isn't it? :-(

Yeah, but it's not exactly your typical web application is it?

> Is there any better way (i mean, better performance) to improve this?

There was a discussion here some weeks ago where it was said that the looping 
code in PHP is slower than that of Perl.

> ...or, we have to declare Perl the winner sometimes?

You can. But that's just to be expected. No language (to date) can be the best 
at everything, so that's why you have a choice and hopefully pick the right 
tool for the job on hand.

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