He said...
> Anyone ever worked with this function? I know its not PHP
> related but im
> sure someone came across the problem.

Ya'll said
> and this relates to PHP how...?

Don't tempt them, people _do_ come up with the most oblique of reasons why
their question is related to php.

Hmmm, let's see...sometimes we output HTML with PHP? Nah, that couldn't be
it. :) At least he acknowledged it wasn't PHP related, he's just looking for
some help.

As far as the problem that he is encountering, no, it is not controllable
through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other scriptable method (I have had
this same need in the past). Not unless you want to obtain the IE dev kit
and make your own version of IE. Which would be a giant pain it the a$$.

HTH! Have a great Friday...


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