use single quotes: double quotes would confuse php with variable names.
it thinks that $General is a variable and replace it by it's empty content.
single quotes prevent php from evaluating the string:

$test_string = '1.2$General/'; 

single quotes on regex too (same reason). the backslash in this case
(\$) refers to perl regular expression syntax but does not take care of php !

$new_string = preg_replace('/\$/', "%", $test_string); 


At 10:58 29.06.02 -0400, Beverly Steiner wrote:
>I've tried everything I can think of to change a dallar sign in a string to
>something else or to split the string on the $ but I can't the the
>information that comes after the $.
>Typical string contains: 1.2$General/
>when I try:
>       $new_string = preg_replace("/\$/", "%", $test_string);
>or (trying to avoid specifying the $):
>       $new_string = preg_replace("/(\d\.\d{1,2})\D(\w.*$)/", "\1%\2",
>echo "new_string is $new_string"; prints new_string is 1.2
>Has anyone solved this problem?
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