> My apologies if this has been asked a thousand times. I've 
 > just joined the list.

I has, but you get that...

 > I can't find any information on passing JavaScript variables 
 > to PHP on the same page (i.e. not through the POST information of a 
 > submitted form). Is this because it's not possible?

Short answer is no.  PHP is server-side, Javascript is client-side.  You
can get variables from php to javascript when your php generates the
page to be sent to the browser but you can only get variables back from
php when you use browser to server communications (that's usually a form
- be it get or post method, or a cookie).

 > To take the load off the server, I'm trying to do a bunch of string
 > manipulations and loops in JavaScript and then hand that 
 > info off to PHP once it's done.

You'll need to create all the javascript from you php page as it
generates and then wait for it all to be done client-side and submitted
back to the server.

CYA, Dave

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