Can you post the code on here?
There must be some headers somewhere because the mail has been sent to
you -> to header.
Have you clicked on the email in Outlook and looked at the headers / message

"CÚsar aracena" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi all.

I know it's Sunday morning and that I'm NOT getting many responses right
now ;-)

I connected to the net, opened my browser, pointed it towards an e-mail
script I've installed this afternoon in my site (SquirrelMail) qnd got
into the INBOX. once there, I opened my MS Outlook and received 21
messages regarding PHP mailing list stuff, but all these had no FROM,
SUBJECT, TO or CC... I mean, they had body content but no headers to
show. ┐┐┐???

 <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Cesar Aracena
Neuquen, Argentina

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