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on 29/06/02 2:53 AM, Kevin Stone ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> John I hate to critisize you since you are one of the most active members
> this list.  But are these types of comments really useful?
> -Kevin

No, I'm with John on this one.  I'd say I type "no, JavaScript is
client-side, and PHP is server side" around 20 times a week to this list,
and that's only when I can be bothered.

Searching for pop-up in the archives would have solved the writers problem
in about 2 minutes.

For this group to maintain it's worth, we need to encourage users to do a
LITTLE research before asking obvious questions, and we need to discourage
people wasting our time with repetitive questions, or those who clearly
subscribe to the "but it's so easy to just send an email and wait to be
flamed" mentality.


Justin French

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