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> Ah yes, I forgot about that... I need to resume the session, of course.
> Would session.auto_start set to 1 work without these session_start()'s?

I believe so... and Jason Wong has sent an email suggesting this.

> The 
> thing is, I need as less as possible of a hassle to have the sessions
> work... Read on for an explanation.


I'd say everything will work out, depending of course on the code you're
writing to manage everything :)

It's worth pointing out that you may not really have to worry about the
session_start() call at the top of script.  In reality, you may replace this
with a single include() statement which contains a library of functions,
maintains the session, etc etc as the first line of the file.  Much simpler
than imposing yet another requirement on the host (portability is always an
issue), and much simpler than multiple includes and stuff scattered every

<? include('inc/header.inc'); ?>  // includes sessions, functions, etc
  bla bla..
<H1>Buy this product!</H1>
<P>bla bla</P>
<?=makeBuyButton("black shoes, size 34")?>

Good luck.

Justin French

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