The manual shows fopen("","r";) works. If you are 
saying it is only today that it is not working then I wonder if the 
server (or dns server for it) is down.

If on unix, does "dig" give an ANSWER section with ip 
address? If on NT, does "nslookup" give an ip address? (with changed to be whatever server the url you are looking for is on).

I don't know anything about the particular error you are getting but 
maybe the above are some pointers (assuming you didn't just do a typo).



>Is there anyway I can do fopen to try to open a connection to a domain 
>name, if it cant try opening it to the IP? For some weird reason today 
>a domain name wont resolve and Iam getting this error:
>Warning: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service 
>not known

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