Hi Vicki:

I'm not going to cover everything in the email.  BUT, the essence of 
the solution is right here.  I made a little test script based on the 
values you said were in the cart array at the top of the page and the 
variables contained in the form...

   #! /usr/local/bin/php -q

   #  Simulate the $cart session variable:
   $cart[1] = 1;
   $cart[3] = 1;

   #  Simulate the $checkbox array from the form:
   # $checkbox[1] = 'yes';
   $checkbox[3] = 'yes';

   #  Run through each item in the cart:
   foreach($cart as $artID => $value) {
      if ( !isset($checkbox[$artID]) ) {
         echo "<br />removed $artID from cart\n";
      } else {
         echo "<br />kept $artID in cart\n";


This behaves exactly as expected.  Now, let's put my foreach 
loop from above (leave out all the rest of the stuff) in the place of 
your foreach loop (which is in the if($save) statement).

Run it and things _should_ work right.


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