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> Quick question?
> Is their anything in Apache or PHP that would keep styles from working. Both
> external (CSS) and inline styles are ignored.

If it was the only the external stylesheet that wasn't working, the first 
thing to do would be to check that Apache is configured to the right 
content type (text/css) for it and that the PHP code isn't doing anything 
silly like sending the dynamically-generating the *.css page with a 
header() declaring a different content type; but with the inline styles 
also not working, that scenario would either be unlikely or only part of 
the story.

Have the HTML and CSS both been validated yet?  If the output of your PHP 
includes syntactically-flawed HTML, that could lead to problems with the 
CSS rendering as well.  And of course, invalid CSS will not render as 
expected.  This final thought may already be obvious to you, but is there 
any chance that the styles you're using are either not supported by your 
browser, or that your page's doctype has accidentally triggered the 
browser's less-forgiving "standards mode"? (If any of this sounds 
unfamiliar, you can follow-up with a newsgroup or list where CSS is 
on-topic, such as <news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets>.)

Good luck!


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